Bentley is designed and assembled in Crewe England, and it is the ultimate English luxury car. The British people, who are known to be reserved and conservative, have adopted this iconic luxury car as their own.

Although it is an iconic symbol to the English, Bentley has sold cars all over the world to the elite in society, with China being the largest market. UK’s capital city London is a home of multimillionaires, and you will rarely miss seeing a Bentley model outside a home.

About the Bentley

H.M. Bentley and W.O. Bentley founded the Bentley Company in 1919, in North London. The two brothers used to sell French cars, but then found that they had a desire to make their own. At first Bentleys were made for racing, and later evolved to what they are today.

The Modern Bentley

Today’s modern luxury Bentley is very different from the first model, from design to the target market. Volkswagen acquired it in 1998, which increased the production and modernized the car to what we see today. Bentley strives to be the ultimate English luxury car, with a combination of excellent performance on the road and interior comfort. To seal the brand’s visibility Bentley gave the Queen of England an official limousine for state functions. Bentley has its eyes always set on the future, with every new model pushing the limits of possibility. The uniqueness of design, manufacture and assembly of the Bentley lies in the fact that it is completely handmade. This makes it perfect as a custom-made luxury car. Bentley has recently opened a university in Crewe for training automotive Engineers and Designers.


London is a home of multimillionaires where partnerships and businesses thrive. Bentley too has partnered with other luxury item manufacturers to help advance its brand. Two of its major partners include Breitling and Vertu. The former is a Swiss handmade watchmaker, while the latter is a mobile phone manufacturer for the high-end market. These luxury product partners follow the Bentley model of making all their products by hand.