Mulberry is one of the leading leather product retailers in the United Kingdom. It was started as a simple business in 1971 by Joan and Roger Saul. To date the company has managed to have an exponential growth curve such that it has become a public limited company.

Apart from trading in the London Stock Exchange, Mulberry has opened stores all over the world, including in Australia, Europe, Asia and the USA. Mulberry is typically English and runs its operation with what we’ll call the British business culture. It specializes in personalized leather products such as women’s bags, purses, wallets and shoes.

British Business Culture

Having a good business plan and a properly defined strategy is good for a business, but it’s not a guarantee of financial success. Mulberry has adopted some additional habits that have made them so successful over the years. Just like other successful UK businesses, this British business culture is worth mentioning.

Focus and Evolution

Many people tend to get tempted into trying to conquer the whole world immediately, but not Mulberry. They have managed to become experts in one thing only: leather products. By being focused, they have managed to perfect their trade, making them world leaders in their sphere of operations. Having a clear focus has enabled them to evolve as a company to where they are right now. Of course, along the way they have had to make some changes here and there, but this has not distracted them from their core business.

Tenacity and Rolling the Dice

For ages tenacity has always been at the heart of the British business culture. While everyone else tends to plays it safe, Mulberry has gone against this by becoming a risk taker. They have dared to do the things that others are afraid to do. There have been difficult times and times of failure, like the recent credit crunch. But this is a company that never gave up, and kept on increasing production and opening new stores. The attitude here is to find out why things happened the way they did, and then endeavour to move forward.


There is no way a business can be successful today without going digital. Mulberry has a modern website that enables it to interact directly with its customers, resulting in a shopping experience that is extremely personal.